A Christian Brother in court in Melbourne

A Christian Brother, Rex Elmer (born in 1944), joined this religious order in 1961 when he was 16. He then began a long career teaching in Catholic schools in the Christian Brothers' Victoria-Tasmania province. In 2018 (now aged 73) heĀ  was scheduled for proceedings in the Melbourne Magistrates Court, charged with a number of child-sex offences (case number J11744998). The charges have been laid by detectives from the Victoria Police child-protection unit (the Sano Taskforce at police headquarters in Spencer Street, Melbourne).

In the court schedule, Elmer's full name is given as Rex Francis Elmer. When he joined the Christian Brothers, he was given a new middle name, Ignatius (in honour of ancient saint). Thus, he became listed in the Christian Brothers as "Brother Rex Ignatius Elmer".