Anglican Cases

Here are some Anglican cases, previously reported in the Broken Rites Newsletter (list not complete). The following are all ordained priests.

  1. John Phillip Aitchison
    John Aitchison, Canberra 1996, 18 to 36 months for indecency on a boy (plus various other court appearances);
  2. Raymond Frederick Ayles
    Raymond Ayles, of SA (formerly Qld.), 12-months suspended jail term (SA, 1993) for attempting to procure boys to commit acts of gross indecency;
  3. Robert Winston Duffield
    Robert Duffield, of Victoria and NSW, 6 months suspended jail term (Melbourne, 1995) for gross indecency against a boy;
  4. Alan Arthur Farrell
    Alan Farrell, formerly of Victoria, 8 years jail (Tasmania, 1995) for raping a male disabled pensioner;
  5. Eric William Griffith
    Eric Griffith, 18 months jail (NSW, 1992) for indecent assault and gross indecency against a schoolboy;
  6. Gordon Virgo King
    Gordon King, jailed in WA in 1956 (but was kept in the Anglican ministry), jailed again in Cairns in 1993 and jailed again in Townsville in 1994 for offences (including sodomy) against boys;
  7. John Sydney Morley
    John Morley, 18-month suspended jail term (SA, 1992) for indecently assaulting two girls;
  8. Michael Roderick Painter
    Michael Painter, 54, community-based sentence (WA, 1994), for indecently assaulting a male aged 17;
  9. Leslie James Wiggins
    Leslie James Wiggins, 63, three-months suspended jail term (Vic., 1991) for indecently assaulting three boys.