Brother John Gaven worked at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst NSW

Brother John Francis Gaven has had a long career working as a Brother in the Catholic order of Vincentian priests and brothers in Australia, including at St Stanislaus College boys' boarding school in Bathurst, New South Wales. In recent years, he has been involved in proceedings in the New South Wales District Court. The court has not yet released the details of those proceedings.

A Vincentian website has stated that, after a brief period in Fiji, John Gaven spent the next thirty or so years working with the Vincentians in Bathurst and Adelaide.

In Bathurst, he was a member of the support staff at St Stanislaus College, with duties including grounds maintenance and being a dormitory supervisor. He eventually became a senior administrator of the school. He was a rugby referee at St Stanislaus and in the NSW central west for many years. At St Stanislaus College, a rugby refereeing award was named in his honour.

St Stanislaus College opened in 1867 and the Vincentians took control in 1889. The school has played a pivotal role educating Catholic farm families of western NSW. In 2008, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, 615 boys were enrolled, including 189 boarders.

By 1992, according to a Vincentian Family website, John Gaven had left St Stanislaus and was ministering to people living with HIV/AIDS, both for the Adelaide Diocesan AIDS Council and in Sydney with VINCARE.

In July 2008 (the month of the World Youth Day celebrations, when Pope Benedict visited Sydney) Brother John Gaven was one of six organisers for a Vincentian Fathers' trip to Bathurst with 300 young pilgrims - mainly from the South Pacific - who spent four nights at St Stanislaus College.

In its article about Brother John Gaven in 2008, the Vincentian Family website stated: "John has always been passionate about youth".